Invoice PDF terms font size in footer


I just started using this great open-source project en love it already.

I want to change font size in the PDF footer. I think it is too large now. I tried several options in custom-pdf.css but no luck. I also want the PDF footer only on the last page (when multiple page invoice is generated). Is this possible?
THX Freek

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It’s possible, but you have to deep-dive into those templates.
Take a look at the pdf / php first and then adjust with css where needed

Look at my suggestion in this post

Hi. I found the solution as follows:
In /assets/core/css/custom-pdf.css I added the following code:
.notes {font-weight: normal; font-style: italic; font-size: 60%; color: #666666;}

THX Freek


thank you that css line worked as a stated!