Set invoice status to paid after payment


I`ve did a invoice payment via Payments -> Invoice.
After it I was trying to change the invoice status of the paid invoice from “sent” to "paid"
But this seems not to work, nothing happends when I press the save button.
Its strange because at Invoice status it still says 'the status can be changed.
I can reproduce this issue, currently using the v.1.3.0 release.

When I press the save button the logs prints errors:
ERROR - 2015-04-25 15:08:43 --> Could not find the language line "invoice_number"
ERROR - 2015-04-25 15:08:43 --> Query error: Table ‘invoice.invoice_id’ doesn’t exist

I think the problem is the missing invoice.invoice_id table.

Any tips?



Try to take a look of this:

could be your issue with solution

Issue solved, replacing “invoice_id” with “ip_payments” in mdl_invoice_amounts.php was the trick.