Customisation of Invoices and Quotes with a little tweak

Hi All,

As above, I require customisation of all Invoices and Quotes with a slight tweak:

We require regular customisation: layout, logo and colour but would also like to be able to enter a heading on quote/invoice lines.

It would appear exactly as a normal quopte/invoice line but possibly in bold. My suggestion (and I have no experience in this at all) would be to use a price of 0.00 to trigger the heading.

Lastly, we would like our quotes and invoices duplicated so that we can choose to have a quote with a description or without.

If you need more info feel free to message me.


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Just bumping this as the last offer seems to have fallen through and I need help fairly quickly.

As you posted this in the “Job Offers” section and did not received any help yet you are maybe missing something: the “Offer”

What is the Job Offer you are offering. We know now what you want, but as it is a offer what are the conditions?