Accounting and scanning of expenses?

Is there any work scheduled for also making a opensource accounting system out of this? Would be incredible brilliant if you can make :slight_smile:

Everything connected… Also need WooCommerce webshop-integration. Scanning of expenses documents.

Would be a dream for a small business owner to not pay reguallary for this every month.

@lifeform just give it some time, ok. We’re building version 2 and it will take a while.
Just write down for yourself what you would like to see in the new system

Nice… No stress :slight_smile: but this would be EXCELLENT…

Rather pay one time - life time lisence for this and that, than the monthly “prison system” with montly payments that most of these software companies operates with.

I need a system to follow up customers regards to sales. Categorization of customer (customer groups). E-mail functionality ++

A system where the account can be done all by ourself would be a dream come through.

Also I might need WooCommerce integration in the future with all the orders that comes in via our future webshops.

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Which email system do you have?
What happens if a woocommerce order comes in? You sell a product, right?
Do you need to send, ship the product?

UnderDog, Hello :slight_smile: I just need the actual sale be registered in the accounting software. I am no expert on this, but I think there simply are different accounting codes for what have been traded. I.e. gods, services ++

So a open source accounting system with WooCommerce autoimport would be simply brilliant. See is a other very popular open source webshop.

Like I said: Just need the actual sales in the webshop to be auto registered in the accounting software.

A one time fee - payment to you the developers would be acceptable for products like this. A open source ACCOUNTING software, combined with InvoicePlane + expenses scanning (all that we pay for… equipment, phone bills ++) would be perfect.