IP 1.5.9 and compliant with PHP 7.3

below are the changes to be made to the code

04/02/2019 start of coding
already a patch for PHP7.3 04/02/2019 gbobard@gmail.com
script /root/application/third_party/MX_router.php
fix FIX chr($suffix)

public function set_class($class)
$suffix = $this->config->item(‘controller_suffix’);
if (strpos($class, chr($suffix)) ==== false) {
$class .= $suffix;

patch of 17/02/2019
115 online use of the mdl_payment_custom model not loaded

public function form($id = null)
    $this->load->model('custom_fields/mdl_payment_custom');// BYOOS_tag load this model for all the method 02/2019

PS delete line 75 of the same form method // duplicate the model is already loaded


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We appreciate your work, but you could be more specific in the values following an order of the code, given that the value to be replaced and the lines it refers to are not exactly understood.

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And for everyone reading this: should be compatible with PHP 7.3. There’s at least a fix in github (if you think it’s needed), but all you should need is either the branch or the master branch to run InvoicePlane on PHP 7.3

Hello gentleman, where do I download this version?
The one that is known is the v1.5.9 published on its website, in any case the v2.1.0 I do not have a thread on where to get it

You can download this Version from GitHub but this Version is not released yet!
Pls keep that in mind

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Is still not released? In github the latest change is from Feb 8. So either it is stable, or what should we do to have our installed versions up to speed with php 7.2 or 7.3?


How to speed up our installed version.

@Franky_Van_Liedekerk 1.5.10 is still not released. Either use the master version or the tag. is stable and resolves the 7.2/7.3 issues
We don’t have a .zip for it on the main website, so it’s just the usual github functions to get this version.
We’ll catch up and make a nice version, just use github in the meantime?

Will there be a release of When not, what is the correct way to upgrade from 1.5.9 to

@Benny54 there will be a and the way to upgrade will be in the docs.
If you want to try that’s possible but don’t do that on your production server. Just try it locally.

Upgrading will not be difficult. We’re making minor improvements, not improvements that need lots of database changes and things like that.