In Quebec Canada and most province you have 2 taxes by default and can't find how to ad it

I use the latest 1.5.9 version.

I live in Quebec Canada and in most province in Canada there is 2 mandatory taxes:
GST (5%) + PST (9.975%)

I’m a new user and I was adjusting the settings and in the taxes tab I found no way to have 2 taxes by default and I don’t want to ad a second taxe manually for each invoice it would defeat the purpose of automating my invoicing process.

Also I need 3 decimals we can’t round it to 2 decimals for the 9.975% of the provincial taxes


I’m pretty sure there is some way to automate it and to use 2 taxes by default but I did not found anything about it in the documentation so I need help.

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@Severenth Could you help me on this one ?

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Can you move this one to the feature requests category please? I see 2 items that need attention…

This might be useable -

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