Requests from FusionInvoice


To whom it may concern,

Hi all - Jesse from FusionInvoice here. Now that FusionInvoice is back and moving forward again (see, I’d sincerely appreciate if I could request a couple of things from whoever has the ability to make these changes:

  1. Please remove the “FusionInvoice is now InvoicePlane 2” green banner from the front page of I understand the link is essentially broken, but it’s still confusing quite a number of folks.

  2. Please remove mention of FusionInvoice from the blue welcome banner in these forums (the one that says, “Welcome to the InvoicePlane / FusionInvoice Community Forums”.

Please and thank you!
Jesse - FusionInvoice


I would suggest you use the contact details on the website :

There is no guarantee that the people you are targeting your request to are going to read this post.

Additionally, it is a more courteous way of making an official request.


Request has been actioned, on behalf of the community, I’d like to offer thanks for the works done past and present.


Thank you, @Severenth - very much appreciated!