Requests from FusionInvoice

To whom it may concern,

Hi all - Jesse from FusionInvoice here. Now that FusionInvoice is back and moving forward again (see, I’d sincerely appreciate if I could request a couple of things from whoever has the ability to make these changes:

  1. Please remove the “FusionInvoice is now InvoicePlane 2” green banner from the front page of I understand the link is essentially broken, but it’s still confusing quite a number of folks.

  2. Please remove mention of FusionInvoice from the blue welcome banner in these forums (the one that says, “Welcome to the InvoicePlane / FusionInvoice Community Forums”.

Please and thank you!
Jesse - FusionInvoice

I would suggest you use the contact details on the website :

There is no guarantee that the people you are targeting your request to are going to read this post.

Additionally, it is a more courteous way of making an official request.

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Request has been actioned, on behalf of the community, I’d like to offer thanks for the works done past and present.

Thank you, @Severenth - very much appreciated!