InvoicePlane installation on SiteGround Hosting

Hello, I need help to install Invoiceplane on my host provider. - growbig account
Any lead,steps by steps information will be of great help, please.

Thank you

there are multiple ways to do this:

  • ssh into the server
  • composer create-project

The other way is to unzip a download and then upload it to the server.

Which PHP version does your server have?

Hi, Its PHP version: 5.6.30.
The Setup is stuck at the Language Selection.

if you could paste a screenshot here, that will help. Are you using the Chrome browser? That will help as well.

Am using google chrome (disabled add blocker activated) , I already copied the files into subfolder in my host, followed instruction from the invoiceplane installation page.
See links below for screenshots :

I hope it can help you find fault.

If your screenshots show your actual file, then you failed to enter important information about your installation in the ipconfig.php file (first screenshot).

# Set your URL without trailing slash here, e.g.
# If you use a subdomain, use
# If you use a subfolder, use

# These database settings are set during the initial setup

You must have the database already created for you. The installation won’t do it for you.

Success ! thank you very much
The problem was, i thought i had to enter information during setup.

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Maybe a setup-tool would be nice for IP2?

In this tool maybe users can import datas from excisting installations?
Would be cool.

go and create a suggestion thread about that :wink: