Error on upgrading from 1.4.6 to 1.5.9

I updated my invoice play from 1.4.6 to 1.5.9 and went through the upgrade process to do so.

when I get to the installation complete page there is a message box in red that says:

Please open the file application/config/config.php and change the line $config['sess_use_database'] = false; to $config['sess_use_database'] = true; .
More details can be found here

which is strange for 2 reasons. I wasn’t on 1.4.7 for 1 and for 2 that line is not in my config.php.

Should I just add it?

Read back for a 2 weeks worth of messages. There was an exact same error in that period of time. Let’s see if you can solve it with what we said in that thread

Take a look here:


Thanks Foo

So many issues can be resolved with a simple search !!!

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