Mysql error/warning

Dear Community!

Since last week I’m getting a mysql warning. I didn’t upload, change or update anything. Looks like he has troubles in connection the mysql database. But I’m still able to login.

At the login screen I got follow errors:

When I’m in the application I got these errors

Running latest version of invoiceplane and got the error on my and my brothers invoiceplane. (Running from the same server)

Let’s hope that someone can help me out! Thanks a lot!

See if your host updated the mysql version or even the PHP version.
Also ask which PHP version they installed.
I’ve also found a video on exactly this problem with CodeIgniter, but focus on asking the webhost

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@underdog Thanks a lot! I totally forgot about the PHP version. I found out that my host changed it to 7.2. By changing it to 7.1 the error disappear!

Glad it worked, so next time the host upgrades his PHP to 7.2 again, will you have the same problem? 7.2 and 7.3 have gotten a little stricter, so keep that in mind

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