Attachments not always attaching to the Quote


I am using InvoicePlane v1.5.9. I have been able to modify my quote templates and love the way everything works.

I am having a problem however that I cannot figure out. I am trying to attach items to the quote. For example a PO, or info on how the quote was generated, etc. Most are PDF files. Sometimes the attachments take, and other times they do not.

I can look at the invoice.ip_uploads table and see when an entry is made, and then when one is not. I have DEBUG turned on and looked at the logs however I do not see anything that sticks out in there from when an attachment works vs. when it does not.

I want to role this out for my groups use however this issue is preventing me from doing so. Looking for any help or suggestions.


Is it the same file that does not get attached to your quote? Can you tell a little more about that file? Most likely PDF, right?
We need steps to reproduce what you are experiencing, so i’ll create a PDF file with that exact name and i’ll attach it to your quote and see if it ends up in ip_uploads…
Hope it helps


Hello! Thanks for your response. I will get something together for you shortly that hopefully will show you what is going on. The name of the file does not seem to make a difference at all. I will show you my test I am performing and hopefully you can help me figure out what is going on. Thanks so much!



This is really odd. I am able to upload a jpg file that I have that is about 1.8 MB. The FileName is simply Test.jpg. If I just rename the file to Test.pdf, I am also able to upload without an issue.

If I generate an actual PDF document named Test.pdf, it does not upload.

If I take another .jpg file that is smaller than 1.8 Mb, it will not upload.

I am missing something. This is very odd to me. I feel like perhaps there is a setting somewhere in InvoicePlane or Apache that perhaps is set odd? Thanks again.


I only have nginx, if you send me the file (if it’s allowed and not something secret) i’ll take a look qt it hopefully tomorrow.
Once i had something in another situation and that error came due to filename.something.jpg, or even filename…jpg. it can be anything, just annoying


Hello, I will be happy to send you the file. There is nothing in this test file that is confidential. How can I get this to you? Appreciate your help. Other than this problem (which is big) I am loving the functionality IP provides.