Footer on every page in invoiceplane 2.0


i know invoiceplane 2 is just an alpha but i want to customize the footer part. i want the footer on every page.

i already tried:

div.footer {
display: block;
text-align: center;
position: running(footer);
width: 100%;
body {
@page {
/* Default footers */
@bottom-center {
content: element(footer);

maybe anyone has an idea for my problem?

Please befor u continue using “the wrong Invoice Plane 2” read this post and switch back to IP1 and wait untill the real IP2 will be released :=)

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Thank you for your “link” to the post. I think i will switch to Fusion Invoice. I miss some important functions in invoiceplane which are available in the alpha…

i think the “real” IP2 will need years…

@Friederich_Loheide if you can tell exactly what you’re missing in invoiceplane 1, we can probably make that in invoiceplane 2 for you

Sure… In invoice plane i miss:

  • Expenses Area with pdf upload
  • Win/loss report
  • An Option to Send automatically Emails When i enter a payment
  • a modern Look and feel for the whole interface
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