Development Planning Meeting - Come One, Come All (Devs)

Developers, first, I want to start by thanking each and every one of you for your dedication to this project. It’s because of you that InvoicePlane is the successful product it is today. With your continued support and efforts, we will make InvoicePlane even better.

I believe in strength in numbers and I would like for every developer (that is willing) to join us for our next sprint planning meeting. In this meeting, we will discuss the outstanding bug list, the tasks that are currently under development, the top voted enhancement requests, and changes in the versions.

Please join us on Slack and navigate to the development channel. If you do not know how to access our Slack workspace (, simply login to Slack and attempt to open that workspace. If you do not have access to the development channel (#development), please mention that in the General channel and we will get you added.

We plan on having our sprint planning meeting on Saturday, February 9th. The time has yet to be determined. Since we are a global team, we have to get creative to determine what works best for everyone (or at least the majority). Once the time has been selected, we will update this topic.

UPDATE: we have scheduled the sprint planning meeting for 9:00AM CST (15:00 GMT) tomorrow.

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First question ahead of the meeting has been posted.

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The outcome of the meeting was that we will begin working on the first maintenance release of the year and the list of bugs are as follows:

There are a few items that are complete and the issue needs closing. We will do that in the next day or so and anyone who can begin on these bugs, by all means, jump in and grab them. A new branch will also be created for this next release and we will post a link to that branch here as well.