Cant download PDF

ATTENTION! version 1.5.9.

An uncaught Exception was encountered

Type: Mpdf\MpdfException

Message: PDFA and PDFX do not permit transparency, so mPDF does not allow Watermarks!

Filename: /home/fmsolfroud/public_html/invoicing/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Mpdf.php

Line Number: 12071


File: /home/fmsolfroud/public_html/invoicing/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Mpdf.php
Line: 14635
Function: watermark

File: /home/fmsolfroud/public_html/invoicing/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Mpdf.php
Line: 1984
Function: Footer

File: /home/fmsolfroud/public_html/invoicing/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Mpdf.php
Line: 9227
Function: Close

File: /home/fmsolfroud/public_html/invoicing/application/helpers/mpdf_helper.php
Line: 115
Function: Output

File: /home/fmsolfroud/public_html/invoicing/application/helpers/pdf_helper.php
Line: 106
Function: pdf_create

File: /home/fmsolfroud/public_html/invoicing/application/modules/invoices/controllers/Invoices.php
Line: 266
Function: generate_invoice_pdf

File: /home/fmsolfroud/public_html/invoicing/index.php
Line: 325
Function: require_once

Need this fixed urgently please. Client waiting for the invoice.

Closed. Solved. Thanks.

If you could share your solution with us this would be very helpful, if others encounter the same Error.
Until then I would not mark this thread as solved as the solution to this problem is not described here.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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