Cannot deploy online in Lamp Stack in google cloud

I am having problem to deploy this app online on google cloud lamp stack. The app works properly in my local XAMPP, and my other php project works on google cloud.So when i did not set up DB the app worked and displayed an error but after i fixed that error the app wont load and redirects me in my local ip of my server like this and says This site can’t be reached

Hi @Lorik_Krasniqi

I’d suggest trying to load a static page to see if its an IP issue or a hosting issue.

I’d then check the config file to make sure the url’s are correct for the new hosting enviroment.


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Hi, Thank you very much for your reply. I fixed my problem it was a mistake in ipconfig file in IP_URL= ,i forgot to put ip so after i fixed that IP_URL=http://ip the app works good. I am writing this so someone can learn from my mistake

If your app is working on XAMPP but not on LAMP then it is obviously some configuration issue. I had a similar issue when i was deploy my app on my php web hosting from the local. After deploy, i was getting 500 error because of the stack differences in local and platform.