Road map for InvoicePlan v1 and v2 (and situation vs FusionInvoice)


The situation seems quite confused (at least to me - a new user) about v1, v2 and FusionInvoice.

From what I could gather from the forum and slack, InvoicePlan version 1 is the production version and version 2 (although imported from production FusionInvoice) is not for production. Are there any planned releases (dates) ? Is there a feature list for future releases ? (I do have one myself)
Why moving from CodeIgniter (v1) to Laravel (v2) ? What are the main new features in v2 ?

FusionInvoice which was supposed to stop back in June 2018, is back as the web site states. So what’s the situation between FusionInvoice and InvoicePlan v2 ?

Sorry for all these questions but I am looking into investing time in a project like InvoicePlan, and I want to make sure IP is right for me.

@ComputingFroggy, I’m one of the maintainers of InvoicePlane and we were told that FusionInvoice split due to the author decided to go commercial with FusionInvoice. In all honesty, I never saw or heard any update from the guy in quite a while, but knew that there were plans for him to release a paid product in the future. I guess that future is now. We (InvoicePlane) are in the middle of a transition phase with relation to the future of the product. IPv1 is the current release and the end goal is to move all of the features to IPv2 when the official release is ready. I don’t have a timeline or schedule for that just yet, but know that we are working on it.

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Just to clearify that. Does that mean IP2 will be paid?

No, IP will always remain open source and free. We have discussed in the past the option to offer hosting for the software, but we will not charge for the software itself.

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As far as I know it is like this:

InvoicePlane v1.x:
Created by @Kovah is IP1 as you maybe already know. So far so good.
Kevin is not longer maintaining this software (read THIS) so he searched a team of supporter/maintainer and now they are supporting this software.

InvoicePlane v2.0.0alpha-1:

This is basicaly FusionInvoice but just “moved” to InvoicePlane. I think not a log got changed as it really feels like it is FusionInvoice, at least I could not tell any differences.

I dont think so, never heard of announced releases.

I hope they will update IP2 to at least Laravel v4/v5 but this is up to the maintainers/developers.
I personally like CodeIgniter but I think Laravel/Symfony is much more up to date. Even when they seems to be much slower: SPEED-TEST.

Dont apologize for showing interest, this is the right place to asking, so everything is perfekt :wink:

Thanks @M4rt1n for going in-depth on the current situation. @ComputingFroggy, we have a meeting planned soon where we will discuss the release cycle for 2019. Although we don’t have actual planned releases yet, we do plan on releasing on a regular schedule going forward. We will make the announcement once that schedule has been created.

Thanks for the clarification … but I am still puzzled by a couple of things :

  • Why moving from CodeIgniter to Laravel ? What’s the significant advantage considering that means rewriting completely the application.
  • I still don’t get the link between InvoicePlane and FusionInvoice: was FusionInvoice a separate application that got abandoned and then merged with InvoicePlane … and then to re-start again ? I get the feeling that InvoicePlane v2 (aka FusionInvoice) is a completely different application (doing the same thing -more or less- but with a completely different code) than InvoicePlane v1: am I right ?

Well I cant answer this but I think that (not sure tho) FusionInvoice is based in Laravel and why should they change the base of a programm when they wanna build on top of exact that programm?
I would update/upgrade it but not change it.

Exactly, FusionInvoice got abandoned as it is. The Dev of it wanted to make it commercial. So there was the possibillity to fork it and Kevin have done it and “adopted” it as the older brother of IP1.
These programms are very different but I think IP2 will be superior and more futureproof.

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HI there, could you clarify for me what the status is for users of FusionInvoice that have the equilivat version of the v2alpha?
I have used FI for many years and run 2 business with it.
what are the implications for me?
Restart with totatlay new system or is there a migration tool planned?
Many thanks

I just found out about this today. Maybe it can help

Thank for the Link, but I’m running FI version 2018-8.
Is will this be compatible with the new IPV2?

Many thanks

Alex we will be starting from scratch, if you help us in the slack chat you can tell what you find most important of implementing