Moving to Odoo, so easy

We’ve been enjoying this software five years, since it was Fusion Invoice. Although this journey was very satisfactory, due to many different reasons, now it’s time for us to move to a more active and complete software.

Losing data in a migration is always a con, but there is an Odoo module which allows to migrate all the data from Invoice Plane.

I’m sure v2 will be awesome, and the development will continue, but still, if you need other functionalities as CRM, accounting or warehouse, Odoo is a great open source option to consider.

Hope this can be useful for some people.

Dont like it…
Bad add…
Its paid (dont have a problem with that but I just need to buy 3 Products to have a equivalent to IP.

Thanks, but NO Thanks!

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Not sure what you did, but Odoo is open source, you don’t have to pay anything at all.

Check this out:

You just need to read some tutorials to install it in your own server, same as IP :wink:

You could try Dolibar, Odoo can get really expensive.
Also Frontaccounting is an option.

Just for the record.


Hi Guys

We’re sorry to see you leave, and we hope that you’ll keep us in mind in the future and keep an eye on our future updates and releases.

We don’t want people to leave InvoicePlane but we do understand that people need to use software best for their business.

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In my experience, Odoo is not as good as it used to be. At least, it is not really Open Source as only the core is open source then for every thing else you have to use the proprietary extensions or rely on the Community to produce modules. Tryton is a better option (in my opinion).
Still both of them are much harder to use than IP.

Not sure you know this:

And this:

Odoo is 100% open source, with a huge community and hundreds of modules. There is an enterprise solution with extra features as many other open source programs (as they’ve got to live, the company is huge), but that also guarantees that it won’t die or stop (as IP did).

You can just invoice, or add CRM, warehouse, projects… I believe it is indeed the best ERP on the market.

And yeah, you don’t need to use enterprise at all. Community version is 100% usable. :wink:

I tried it and yes, its good. But I miss some things.

1.) as far as I know you cant delete modules (or Icons) in the overview to make it more customized
2.) I could not sort the modules in my prefered order
3.) you can create offers like here… but you cant send the links to this offers to anyone who is not registered in your odoo instance.
3.1) this makes your offers just be able to show someone as hardcopy.pdf and not as online-link.

As 3.1 was critical to me I dont wanna switch, even if support there maybe is good. With IP I deactivated the sending of PDFs in Offer-Mails and I dont wanna miss this feature.

Also a bad point about Odoo.
Its not installable into a vhost. And its based on python… well Python can be a advantage and a disadvantage

I have all the important things run at a servercluster which i set up myself.
I defined a lot of vhosts to have things (webprojects etc) seperated but I have to install Odoo globaly and all the dependencys as it is not PHP based.
This means I would need a seperate server for Odoo to not ruin my servercluster and fuck up things on my server.

IP is PHP based and easily to set up at any domain/subdomain. This is a big advantage!

But as your company is Odoo-Partner I’m asking myself… what are you doing here?
Wanna make some new customers which are signing up at Odoo over you so you make profit if they buy a enterprise licence?


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Answering your questions:

  1. you can
  2. you can
  3. you can! (same as IP)
    3.1) not true

You can also install it into a vhost (just not php based).

I used IP for many years (you’d know if you had been here for a while), colaborating with code and design, and my company also developed the module to migrate to IP to Odoo, for internal use, but it’s available FREE for anybody who want to test it.

I get absolutely nothing on this, they’re just contributions to open source software. This is 100% free and open source, you can install it, use it or not, but please, don’t FUD around with false premises. Obviously you don’t know Odoo, don’t say it’s not capable to do things that actually can do.

I suggest you to invest more time learning instead criticizing.

No Odoo is not 100% Open Source: it’s Open Core. But yes, with the modules of the community you can build a full ERP 100% open source … but you won’t all the bells and whistles of the official Enterprise version.

Also for a small company, I’ve found Oddo difficult to use: you need to create fiscal years, you need to define an account (for the ledger book) to each company you create: in short to me, it was user friendly … but I understand that bigger companies will find and interest in it.

Enterprise version is mostly a contract with support and upgrades (you can also upgrade it yourself with openupgrade scripts, which are available for free). It also offers some extra view and small things, but totally optional an unnecessary.
99% of people using Odoo have community version which is fully functional itself, doesn’t need anything else. Odoo by default (without extra modules) does much more than most of the programs, including Invoice Plane.

If you don’t like it, don’t use, but as many other like Magento, you don’t have to get the Enterprise contract, they’re made for big companies who need better support.

How can someone write bullshit like this?
vhost is not if you map it to some /opt/odoo/ folder.
vhost is when you can install the same App whereever you want to!
Like in /var/www/vhosts/odoo.domain.tld/htdocs/www/somefolder

Well if its not proof it… so easy to say its possible but I tried it…

@M4rt1n your bullshit is epic. With Odoo you can send an email with a link for non registered users for quotations and invoices, and they can also choose options in the quotations.

We also install many different Odoos in the same server, for different customers, you just have no idea how to use or install Odoo. Please, don’t FUD.

Its true I just tested it again its possible but dude Odoo is so fucking confusing and so slow to do everything … the only thing I really los is that the most things are up to date and the Quotation-Template is nice as shit --> LINK

But thats is, for me they look good from the outside but for me this is not an alternative to IP!
Also I have to admit the Login of Odoo looks nice but this is just another point for me to maybe ask the Mods to give us a chance to mod the Login with a theme and maybe they will make one of our themes as standard Theme :slight_smile:

Thanks for beeing nice :wink:
Pls praise Odoo where Odoo should be praised and not here … here we pay homage to IP :crown:

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Healthy debate is always a good thing, and I for one have no issues with other products being discussed here, but let’s try and keep discussions within the context of Invoiceplan at all times.


I agree with @crafter, let’s walk away, take a deep breath, and calmly discuss this if further discussion is needed. Here at IP, we are proud of our simple invoicing system. It’s meant for individuals and small businesses to manage their clients, their work, and to bill clients for that work. Nothing much more than that, and nothing less.

In the future, maybe more features will be added, but what is currently available is what was intended by the original author of FusionInvoice and @Kovah so graciously took over and has maintained this project ever since.