Recursive Invoice

I use Invoiceplane 1.5.9. installed on my QNAP NAS.
I want to use recursive invoices and tryed to make a cronjob.
The url the cronjob should point to (stated in the help of invoiceplane) is :

There is no path to that url.

Please help. How can I use recursive invoices ?

Is your .htacess set up.

In other words, to access your site, do you use or

I installed invoiceplane in a map under the root.
The URL to the default page is
I do not need to enter index.php to get to the invoiceplane site. (loginscreen)

I don’t know how your site is set up, but from your last response, should your ur not be

Thank you crafter for your support.

I got it to work.

What did I do.

I created a sub-domain
Installed Invoiceplane in that sub-domain
Renamed htaccess to .htaccess
Created a cronn job
And ofcause : Created a recurring invoice and an e-mail template.

Now it is working.

Thank you again.