Problem with PDF and HTTPS

I’ve using InvoicePlane to generate PDF’s initially without SSL (just HTTP) and looks ok, then I changed the IP-URL in ipconfig.php, $config[‘base_url’] in /application/config/config.php and I enabled .htaccess to redirect traffic HTTPS, but now the PDF’s shows without any custom format.
PDF with HTTP and the same Invoice PDF with HTTPS:

Hi @vektordata

From the picture you’ve attached, can I just confirm the left hand image is with the https and the right hand image is the one without?


That’s right.

I’m pretty sure this can be caused if you install InvoicePlane on http and then afterwards secure it.

Pls do 2 things:

1.) make sure your .htaccess is redirecting to strict HTTPS (so your site is not accessable with HTTP)
2.) Edit /ipconfig.php “IP_URL=” to the FQDN with HTTPS

Example of IP_URL:

Then clean the Cache (if needed) and report what happens

because if you access the Site via HTTPS and InvoicePlane thinks it is HTTP it will give you HTTP URLs for the Pics and HTTP URLs are forbidden if you access the Site via HTTPS :wink:

Just my 2 cents

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