Deleting custom field leaves traces

In the past fusioninvoice didn’t support VAT numbers, so I added a custom field called VAT number.

Now InvoicePlane supports VAT numbers and I updated all records to use the InvoicePlane field instead of the custom field so that I can get rid of the custom field. Everything worked fine, except when I browse to customers which had a custom field set in the past, they still display this custom field, although it’s removed from the database. Is there a caching issue? Could I reset the cache somehow or is this unrelated?

The following tables should contain information about client custom fields:

  • ip_client_custom
  • ip_custom_fields

Take a look at these tables and report back what they may contain.

Nothing in these database tables. Still info on the website, or is this intentional? VAT number being listed under “custom fields”?

Well seems to be a bug that “VAT ID” which is actually implemented as a part of the app is displayed under “custom fields”…

Okay great, that means it’ll get fixed soon. Thanks for your help.