IP2.0 pdf output not working


I just download version 2 and setup went pretty good.
All is working but when I try to view the pdf invoice I get this error:

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

I have set debug mode to on and the following came up:
1st line: Not implemented, please install iconv in InputStream.php line 80
And then a bunch of text errors.
I’m sure iconv is installed on my server. (all latest packages installed php/apache etct, etc)
An older version of IP is working fine.
Maybe adding mpdf back into the new version would be better?

Please help

Thanks for you reply Peter121.

I guess you dont…
I have absolutely no problem with my router device.

MY apologies @cdv, we’ve had a few issues with off topic responses recently, I will look into this with our IP2 team and see if we have a solution.


No problem @Severenth, I hope there will be an solution realy like the 2.0 version!!

@cdv wkhtmltopdf works great!

You can use it by going to System Settings > PDF and switching the PDF Driver there.

Installing it should be straightforward, you can find more details here https://wkhtmltopdf.org. Let me know if you need help setting it up :slight_smile:

thanks @georgio!
I have done that before and even the directory where wkhtmltopdf is installed is set correct, I am then looking at a File not found error in my browser.
And I think there is not much to install because I am on a cpanel hosted service and have no root access. Any ideas?

try downloading it again, maybe your download process was interrupted (https://routerlogin.mobi/192-168-10-1/) and you could not get the entire file.

But that did not help unfortunately…

do you want to make it work with mpdf or with wkhtmltopdf? In case of mpdf i can see if @crafter can help you with the iconv error on your server…

As far as I know, iconv should be on your PHP itself, in order words compiled and built in.

From the command line, typpe
php -m
and look for the existence of iconv.

Otherwise you may have to install a version for your OS that has iconv built in.


Thanks for your input!!
Its working now incorrect settings iconv was the problem.

Thanks again!!

Thanks for your input!!
Its working now incorrect settings iconv was the problem.

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Nicely done! Glad it helped, man!