PayPal Payment Only Via Credit Card?

At the moment i can see 3 options for paying via paypal ver. 1.5.9 but Paypal Express and Paypal Pro seems to be the same its always asking for credit Card. Is there no way of letting people log into there accounts to pay via bank transfer or from paypal Money itself?
hopefully it is not a duplicate u could not find this question

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Any updates on this question?
It seems to be odd that there’s no simple paypal where users can login instead of entering credit card number.


Seems like it is fixed now:

Dont know how you can apply this fix but if @Severenth says, I’m sure it is fixed.

Maybe he can tell us a bit more about this:

  • how to apply this fix
  • by updating to 1.5.10?
  • or is this immediately fixed for everyone?

Thanks for fixing this so fast :+1:

@M4rt1n, thank you for your reply. Yes, it would be nice to know how to update it. I am on 1.5.9. And i am not sure if paypal donation is actually related to paypal payments on invoices.