Can't upgrade or create new invoices

I am using version 1.4.6 with php 5.6 (if i update php then i can’t access settings)

Nothing has changed on my site of which I am aware, but I can no longer create invoices.
If I use the dropdown “create invoices” under invoices menu, I get a pop up asking for client , date pw (optional) and invoice group. Having selected all those, i click the “submit button” nothing happens though, no error message, the dialog box remains up, and most importantly no invoice is created.

I tried upgrading to the new 1.5.9 as I figured this was a good a time as any but it doesn’t work either. it gets to the “checking preresiquites” and all items have a green check. I click that button and it won’t load. I let it go for 30 minutes. When i try to reload, it says “an error has occurred”.

i’ve been using invoiceplane successfully on this server for years.

Without any kind of error message it is difficult to provide assistance. Unfortunately you will have to do a bit more work on your side to try and solve this.

You can however, try the following

  • Enable Debug (see below)
  • Rerun the part that is broken
  • View the logs

To enable debug, edit the file ipconfig.php in the application root directory
By default, it looks like

# Enable the deletion of invoices

You can change it to

# Enable the deletion of invoices

The log file is written to the following directory