Mollie payment help! 1.5.9

Who can help me? I’ve set up mollie payments but I am getting this error:

An uncaught Exception was encountered
Type: Omnipay\Common\Exception\InvalidRequestException

Message: The transactionReference parameter is required

Filename: /home/kevinpt324/domains/

Line Number: 26


File: /home/kevinpt324/domains/
Line: 610
Function: getData

File: /home/kevinpt324/domains/
Line: 281
Function: send

File: /home/kevinpt324/domains/
Line: 226
Function: payment_validate

File: /home/kevinpt324/domains/
Line: 325
Function: require_once

i haven’t been using mollie with invoiceplane but using the omnipay class for other projects… so this might not be a solution, it’s rather an information or help to pinpoint the problem…

omnipay / mollie is acting in two different steps…

initialize a payment with gateway mollie

// code bla bla
    $response = $gateway->purchase(
            "amount" => $cart->total(),
            "currency" => "EUR",
// the metadata field is actually a good way to pass informations accross mollie, so you can validate and update your database accordingly ... in this case i pass the payment unique id, which will be called to update later on...
            "metadata" => array($payment->uid()),
            "description" => $site->title().' Bezahlung',
            'notifyUrl' => $page->children()->first()->url(),
            "returnUrl" => $page->parent()->url()
    if ($response->isRedirect()) {
        // Redirect to offsite payment gateway

because mollie is a payment page where the user is redirected to, there’s nothing happening here… when a payment has successfully paid it mollie will send a response back to your server (if i remember correct it is done via a $_POST[‘id’] - which is actually also the transactionReference)

your servers endpoint will catch this parameter and validate the payment which is usually done like this:

// some more things
        $response = $gateway->fetchTransaction(
                'transactionReference' => $_POST['id'],
// I am not sure if it was post or get though
        if($response->isPaid()) {
 // mark invoice as paid

usually you also deliver informations about the invoice, such as invoice id to either search and update accoringly in the database

(please note this exact code is not working for you)

Hmm thanks but i cant do alot with that. :frowning: does anyone have the solution for this?

well as the transaction reference is the callback from mollie, did you test it against the sandbox?
do you actually see access within mollie? they have a tracking tool where you can see all calls so if there is none, maybe your api keys are not correct?

Yeah i see them

But thats version 1.5.10 and i’am on 1.5.9 but it says that there are no updates

Did you already solve your Mollie payment issue. I’m working with Mollie payyments for more than a year now without any problem, but in 1.5.9 it does not work out of the box.
If you still need help, please let me know and i would be glad to sent you the updated files and info.

@Benny54 please submit those changes in a github branch, so we can integrate it in the new version of invoiceplane

@UnderDog I’m sorry i’m not familiar with Github but I would rather send you the files that i use for Mollie payment via e-mail.

Hi Can you post the updated file also here?

I’m also using mollie but it doesn’t work. 1.5.9

Sorry for my late response. It is not a good idea to put the files and info in this forum but if you could send me an e-mail i would be glad te send you the information to get Mollie working in 1.5.9.

Hi Benny,

No worries I appreciated you can assist me with this problem.
I send you right away my email.

@myedgy @Benny54
Hi. Due to the fact that we have another person here (HERE) also having an issue with the Payment provider Mollie, I wanted to ask if you guys could solve your problems and if so what did you do for fixing it?

If you could open a PR in Github or just send me the needed files I will do it for you and send you a “PreRelease” just for testing purposes only. If this works for you we will include this fix into the next Release.

I for me do not work with Mollie so I cant test it. But if you guys are interested in helping InvoicePlane to get a working Mollie payment provider I would appreciate your help/cooperation.

Hi Martin,

Sorry for the delay. Do you still need to files?

If you want this fix to be included in the next release then yes.

what’s your email?

I’m having the exact same issue.
Someone got a solution for this?