[Solved] PDF issue


I’ve an issue with the generated PDF. As you can see on the below capture, PDF contains PHP method names like


Does anyone know how to solve it ?

Thank you

Did you changed the templates?

no, I 'have just installed the latest version without changing nothing.

My PHP version : 5.3.3

When inputs are in English, information is normally displayed but when I try in Japanese, the “replaceCJK” issue occurs.

This method is called 3 times in application/helpers/mpdf/mpdf.php
Any ideas ?

By the way, the same error occurs with your demo site (demo.invoiceplane.com)
Try to create a new user with the name “日本語テスト”, and then add an invoice and generate it as PDF.

Thank you

This seems to be a character encoding problem, maybe directly in mPDF. I’ll take a look at it.

thank you ! I will wait for your reply.

Fixed and on Github. v1.1.0 will be released in some weeks. If you need the fix earlier just download mPDF yourself and place it at /application/helpers/mpdf.