Can I sell this product?

This is an MIT license … why do not you allow resale with my own name and logo? According to this license I do not have to supply the code to my end users, and I can do what I want with the code. Should not you use another license if you do not allow it to be sold? Maybe I’m confused and this does not have this “MIT” license. That’s why I’m asked

I am answering this in behalf of all maintainers.

First of all: the MIT license is correct. The code itself is published under MIT license so you are allowed to use it for whatever you want as long as the original copyright is not removed.
Secondly: InvoicePlane ships as an application with a brand, “InvoicePlane” itself. This brand, including the name itself as well as the logo, are not MIT-licensed but are original copyright of myself and thus to be seen as proprietary. And for the brand there is a special license that does not allow you to sell the application with the InvoicePlane brand.

However, an important statement from me: do not sell the application! Not because you are not allowed to, but simply out of respect to me and all other contributors which spent thousands of hours building it. Respect the open source and free-software values the project stands for and build a business around it, like offering paid hosting and support, or paid customizations.

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