Hello Developers, we need your help for InvoicePlane 2

Hello Developers!

The new maintainers team at IP have recently had a meeting and are proud to confirm that support for InvoicePlane v1 and v2 has been agreed.

In order to ensure IP v2 produces frequent releases that are stable and in response to the demand, we need more help! We’re looking for more kind-hearted developers to join the v2 team to help us with the massive project – the more the merrier.

Current team: “landscape” :wave:

You will be working alongside the currently assembled team to help develop v2 of InvoicePlane. The team currently consists of:

What will I be working on in v2?

There are many tasks for v2 and there’s a long list of achievements that are planned to see v2’s success. However, first and foremost – migration. The IP team see that v2 offers a lot of features that v1 lacks. They are both on completely separate paths and it’ll be nice to add a bridge between these two lineages – the ability to convert from v1 to v2 with just a click of a button.

We’re looking for a developer that is willing to get actively involved in the development of v2. We’re not necessarily asking someone to quit their day job, just a group of reliable people that can set aside a few, regular hours each week to help us. Maybe even make it your hobby. :blush:

You must be passionate about securing IP’s success and it would be great if you were based in a timezone as close to UTC +0 as possible, just to make communications that bit easier.


Ideally, you must be a developer that has experience working with the Laravel framework. This is the most important thing. There may be room for people who are new to Laravel and wish to experiment later, however the prime goal is to assemble an experienced team of sufficient size first. You may have already assisted in IP v1, however provided you have experience in Laravel you may be eligible to join the v2 Team. If you’re unsure of your suitability, drop Reece a message anyway and we’ll go from there.

Hope to head from you soon!

The InvoicePlane @Maintainers

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I have already builtin to Fusion Invoice a way to store logins for each customer. I have it on bitbucket

Hey Carthan, great to see that you’re already used to v2! If you’re interested in joining the development team, just drop me a message