Custom fields on invoice PDF

I’ve looked everywhere but don’t seem to get an answer.

I have created a custom field, and would like this custom field to be displayed on the PDF of my invoice. I have added the following: <?php echo $invoice->po_reference; ?> to the invoice template but I get nothing but errors. The field is called PO Reference, what am I doing wrong?

Bear in mind I’m a noob so I have no idea how to get this to work but any help will be appreciated!

Thank you!


This post applies to quotes not invoices. See if it is useful.

Hey Crafter, thank you for your prompt reply.

I’ve seen that topic. Unfortunately I don’t know what the code might be in order to display my custom field on the invoice. I don’t even know what that particular table (PO Reference) is.

On the wiki it says to display this code: <?php echo $invoice->client_custom_tax_id_number; ?> in the invoice template, anywhere I’d like the custom field to appear. The thing is, obviously I’d need to change the “tax_id_number” to what my custom field is but I have no idea what the format might be. I have tried po_reference and PO_reference and nothing. So I can only assume that the code entirely is wrong.


Please provide more information to help resolve this. A description of your issue is great, but the following will go a long way to see where you can improve your solution

  • Details of your custom field
  • Db details showing its name and values if possible
  • Your template code changes
  • Details of the error you are getting