Recurring invoice not sending second invoice

I’m running version 1.5.9 and one month ago i switched my recurring setting to auto send. Today I had two invoices that should be send automaticaly. Only the first invoice was sent and the next one got the concept status.

Searching for old topics i found the same issue somewhere in june 2016 but could not find the solution. (Recurring Invoices - Drafts and
Apparently the issue has not been resolved…

Any help or answer would be appreciated.

Until today nobody has answered but what I found out today is that generating the recurrent invoices is depending on the fact if the äutomatic e-mail function is selected.
Today I had 4 recurrent invoices and automatic e-mail was selected. What happened was the following:

  • First invoice was sent automatically
  • Second invoice was generated as Concept
  • Third and Fourth invoice were not generated at all.

Then I switched off automatic e-mail and again ran the cronjob. Now the invoices three and four were generated.

Anyone has got a solution for this issue?