When new install, have wrong msg of the SQL

Error Number: 1060

Duplicate column name ‘invoice_group_identifier_format’

/* Customize quote / invoice groups #5 */ ALTER TABLE ip_invoice_groups ADD COLUMN invoice_group_identifier_format VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL AFTER invoice_group_name;

Filename: /home/wwwroot/modules/setup/models/mdl_setup.php

Line Number: 94

When new installed, have this problem.

This only happens if you run the setup on a not-empty table.

It was absolutely empty database, I tried it on new create host and database.
It used the newest version unzip it and native install.

This error can only happen if there already is a table with this name in the database and theoretically can’t occur while running the setup…

Sir, I had checked the v1.3.1’s setup module which is located in /application/modules/
above-mentioned SQL files, someone were incomplete.
Try step by step to running these, same not work.

After that, I tried two VPS. Same have the output:

Error Number: 1364

Field 'family_id' doesn't have a default value

# Move lookup items to products INSERT INTO ip_products (product_name, product_description, product_price) SELECT item_name, item_description, item_price FROM ip_item_lookups;

Filename: /modules/setup/models/mdl_setup.php

Line Number: 94

BTW. the setup module also have return wrong status.
When my two VPS normally turning on the MySQL, it said couldn’t to connect. Try more than 3 times, then finish the write step.