Install Won't Go Past Language Scrfeen

Trying to install the current stable version 1.5.9 i can’t get past the Language page MOST of the time. Sometimes i can click and select the language 4-5 times and then i’ll get the prerequisites page but that page always sends me back to the Language page? I’m running PHP 5.6 on my server and see nothing in my error logs. Help?

Looking at the code, in some strange way I suspect it might be related to the ability to create a session. I haven;t studied the code enough to test this.

Try setting the permissions correctly in your IP directory, and even try a different browser.

Thanks for the response. I’ve set the permissions and the same occurs. I’ve tried in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and even IE7 and it’s doing the same thing on every browser :frowning:

Is it working without modifying the .htaccess? Because this is not needed by default.