Error changing invoice value to "PAID' after upgrading to v1.3.0

I recently updated to 1.3.0 and have had an issue submitting payments since then. If I go to invoice list and select the options button for an entry and select “Enter Payment”, then put in the details, on pressing Submit, nothing happens. Cancel also does not work. I reload the the site, go back to invoice list and then can see that the payment was indeed accepted but the invoice value is still listed as “Sent” rather than “Paid”. I can also go into the invoice itself and try to change Status from Sent to Paid, but the Save button does nothing - there is not response or action … I also updated to 1.3.1 but this made not difference, the problem still exists.

Please share the last logs after clicking the button. You can find them in /application/logs/
Please use for this.

Hi Kovah, I think I can already see the issue - invplane.invoice_id doesn’t exist. Not sure how to fix this though or why it’s a problem after 1.2.x upgrade … no errors were seen in the upgrade process.

Well… found an interesting bug about invoice taxes and your problem can be solved too.
Open the file /application/modules/invoices/models/mdl_invoice_amounts.php and replace line 84

$payment = $this->db->get('invoice_id');


$payment = $this->db->get('ip_payments');

Thanks Kovah for the very quick response. Works correctly now.

I can confirm that it works as suggested by Kovah.

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