Can invoiceplane do this?


I am new to this. Currently battling with NinjaInvoice but this looks better and promising.
Can InvoicePlane do following? if not any suggestions?

I am a cleaner and have cleaning contractors. I want contractors to use one common online invoicing software for the services they have provided to generate their invoices and send their invoices back to me.

  1. Contractors can not create producs/services
  2. Contractors can not set producs/service prices
  3. Contractors can not create/edit/delete contacts invoiceplane
  4. Contractors can not contact clients via email using online invoiceplane
  5. Contractors can not create/edit/delete clients
  6. Contactors to login with their own individual login credentials
  7. Contactors to select client/s (may be only clients that are assigned to them??) otherwise from a client list,
  8. Create invoices to admin (not to the client)

I want only admin to create everyting else.

can it do ?

Much appreaciate your advice

No, InvoicePlane cannot do.

IP was designed initially as a single user application, and although it has been adapted to support multiple users, it does to a very limited extent. In particular, it lacks the role system you would need to implement your proposal.

Additionally, since version 2 is under development (currently in alpha stage, not ready for production) donor expect to see big changes in IP1 in this area.


I know this is not IP plane related but I am currently busy with a contractor management system for a client. Make contact offline if you want to discuss.