Preview window - emails template height


I try to add height: 100% in the css. assets/invoiceplane_blue/css/style.css
But after upload the change is not in affect. I use the blue theme.
It’s hard to preview the email template in the way to small preview window.

Thank you

#email-template-preview {
height: 100%;
width: 100%;
border: 0;

Two years and no response. Anyone that know how this could be fixed?

thank you in advance.

If your changes are not taking any effect, they most probably are not valid with the mPDF-Rules or are producing an error. The error could have been implemented earlier.

Please make sure you are using the original stock Themes and then modify them and check if your changes are getting accepted by mPDF.

As InvoicePlane is here using mPDF, please have a deeper search at mPDF (at GitHub or in some forums related to mPDF)

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your response, but I don’t think that’s what i mean.

See picture.

I’m talking about the Red arrow boxes.
I want them to make the same width as the green arrow box.
And the height must also be bigger. Especially the example of your email template window box, as you can’t drag it out to make it taller in heights.

The pruple arrow, can be moved all the way down, as you alsmost never use those. And only taking in space. This way the red boxes can already become the same width as the green box.

Hope this extra info helps :slight_smile: Hard to explain.

Sorry but you seems to edit the wrong files in general…

This view is not made to be changed. Just use it how it is, what you can change is the Template of the PDF which gets generated. in the end.

That’s no help. Where can i modify the layout.

I’m using this daily. And we create a lot of email templates. It’s very hard to see in this small window of view. Especially on a 4K display.

I’m not looking to change the PDF in the end. I want to get the above fixed, for todays standards of responsiveness. I’m waiting for years to get this fixed, so I’m trying to do it myself now.

This open source project was so cool with an active community. I don’t want to leave it yet, but InvoiceNinja is calling strong, with lots of features that invoiceplane is missing.

Its is opensource so everyone can contribute. Feel free to make your adjustments and to create a PullRequest so we can merge it into the official sourcecode and release it with the next release.

But if you want to go for another InvoiceSystem feel free to do so, this is a free system, its a opensource system and therefore everyone can make its own decisions.
Yes atm the community and developments at InvoicePlane are mostly frozen.