Reset /quotes/view/ counter

How can I reset the counter of quotes?


when my next quote will be # 003 ??

I searched in db but no way.


under settings invoice groups you’ll find the next Id and you can change it!


Already done. Is not the quote number the problem but the link: (view/7)

And if I try to go on:

Why is it necessary to edit internal IDs of invoices? The number in the URL is not related to the invoice number in any way.

I know but if possible I want it can be modified to be progressive and related to quote or invoice number

No. It makes no sense and would not make the app better in any way. If you want to modify it you would have to do it on your own.

Sure, i want to modify it for me. it wasn’t a feature request.

Any suggestion on how to do it? Thanks

Well you would have to modify a lot of files as many functions rely on the invoice url. And you would have to make sure that the invoice number can’t contain any other characters.

I can try with suggestion on which files.

invoice/quote number is like 001 002 003