TVA/VAT AntiFraud Certificat


i would like use InvoicePlane for my business, but in France, invoice and quote software must have TVA/VAT antifraud compatbility certificate, is it the case for INVOICEPLANE ?


No, there is no such certificate for the app.

Ok, because since 1st January 2018 in France, there is this law :;?idArticle=LEGIARTI000036432356&cidTexte=LEGITEXT000006069577

Well… yeah. I don’t speak french and I also don’t have the time and money to take care of a certification like this. Sorry.

ok thank you :slight_smile:

Can you point to the exact article about that software certificate you have mentioned?

In the link you have posted I have found only one paragraph about the software (logiciel) requirements and I think they are less strict than what you may think.

Never mind, I have found the information in these links

and in the Zoho forum topic Mandatory compliance with anti-fraud law in France that includes a link to an official certificate template: LETTRE - TVA - Modèle d’attestation individuelle relative à l’utilisation d’un logiciel…

And in this short article posted in Odoo blog that by the way only offers that certificate to users of the enterprise (paid?) version:

If you use Odoo Community, you should upgrade to Odoo Enterprise or contact your Odoo service provider.

Interestingly enough, the terms of their certificate are worth reading, and they essentially translate into:

[The software] must respect certain criteria related to the immutability, security, keeping and archiving of the data […]

Warning: the client is responsible of his/her database and must act as a prudent administrator (“doit donc se conduire en bon père de famille” in the original text). Accordingly, if he/she modifies the code to remove the immutability of the data, or for instance if he/she modifies by hand the data, he/she will be [solely] responsible.

If that’s enough to certify a software as compliant with the TVA/VAT anti-fraud, then the whole affair is a joke and any software (but not necessarily InvoicePlane) could be certified provided that their French users promise:

  1. To never change sent invoices.
  2. To never mess with the database using tools like phpMyAdmin and the like.
  3. To keep a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly off-site backup copy of the database (I would recommend automysqlbackup for that task).
  4. To declare themselves as solely and exclusively responsible and liable of any mistakes and misbehaves and bugs that result in a breach of data integrity.

But to me, that looks more like a user certificate than a software certificate :smirk:

In the meantime one could try:

(from here)

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