Problems with email templates after upgrading 1.3.1

Fist of all, Thank you for all your work!

After upgrading the content of all of my email templates disappeared but the bad part is that I have no text editor part in order to repair them when I select any of them… instead I only have a column of words that seems parts of command editor like “bold” and so …

any idea?

I used catalan language to update

Thank you in advance

Copy the email template from the source code view (small letter icon) and past it back in the normal view which might resolves some issues.

Thank you Kovah, the problem is the content has desappeared but the worst is I have no text editor box in order to paste nothing … the text box was replaced for “text editor commands” … but don’t worry, I downgraded tot 1.21 and everything is ok again.

Sorry but my English is not too good.

If you don’t have a text editor you might missed to clear the browser cache or the text editor files are not accessible…