Big thanks to the InvoicePlane Sponsors

Hello Community,

earlier this year our previous hosting contract got canceled. We had to search for alternatives. As the project does not generate a steady income there is no possibility to rent some servers on our own.
Therefore, we asked companies to support the project by providing a server. And we found two. Liam of Rapidweb and Alex of Devnco were very friendly and helpful. Now, there are three servers providing the core infrastructure of InvoicePlane:

  • Rapidweb server for the Jira issue tracker and Gitlab
  • Devnco server for the community forums
  • my own server for the main website.

I want to thank the sponsors again in, well, kind of official ceremony. Even if I had the plan to do this earlier. I am very happy to work with both sponsors and provide a working infrastructure for the project.

Many thanks to Rapidweb and Devnco for their support! :tada:


Operated in New Zealand, Rapidweb is your one-stop cloud solutions provider. Rapidweb sponsors a VPS that runs our issue tracker and private Gitlab.

Devnco offers Website development, web applications, hosting and advice with personalized support. Devnco sponsors a VPS that runs our community forums.


The main InvoicePlane website is hosted on my own small server that hosts some more other projects.

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