App::GitHubPullRequest - Command-line tool to query GitHub pull requests

If you want to easily test a submitted pull-request, check this tool that I found while reading a discussion on GitHubGist about how to Checkout github pull requests locally.

For instance, it will let you do things like,

$ git pr
$ git pr list closed # not shown by default
$ git pr show 7      # also includes comments
$ git pr patch 7     # can be piped to colordiff if you like colors
$ git pr checkout 7  # create upstream tracking branch pr/7
$ git pr help

$ git pr login       # Get access token for commands below
$ git pr close 7
$ git pr open 7
$ git pr comment 7 'This is good stuff!'

Some commands require a valid login, and open and close will not work if the pull request has been merged. For more information, rtfm.

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Awesome! Will try out.