Incorrect decimal value while saving invoices

the exception cases handling. not show directly.
Such as missing the Qty.
No any respond in AJAX layers.

The following msg was I used the browser debugger known that.

<div id="container">
	<h1>A Database Error Occurred</h1>
	<p>Error Number: 1366</p><p>Incorrect decimal value: '' for column 'item_quantity' at row 1</p><p>INSERT INTO `ip_invoice_items` (`invoice_id`, `item_name`, `item_description`, `item_quantity`, `item_price`, `item_tax_rate_id`, `item_order`, `item_date_added`) VALUES ('31', '1st dimbuy', '', '', '25.03', '0', 2, '2015-04-15 01:22:05')</p><p>Filename: /wwwroot/core/MY_Model.php</p><p>Line Number: 207</p>	</div>

Could you please share your amount settings (general settings page) and what the amounts look like you want to save?

Sorry I can’t upload the image.
I just used the default setting config.

What did you entered as an amount?

maybe multi items, I missing one of amount
it will not show the error msg?
Now is no any msg display.

Well okay… If you not enter any amounts there should be an error…
But if it works now its okay.