What do I do when I encounter any errors?

You have a problem with some errors, you are stuck and need help? We would like to help you but first we need some help from you: error logs.

First you have to enable the debug mode.

For InvoicePlane 1:
Enable the debug mode by setting the IP_DEBUG option in the /index.php file to 'true'

For InvoicePlane greater than version 1.5:
Enable the debug mode by replacing ENABLE_DEBUG=false with ENABLE_DEBUG=true in the /ipconfig.php file.

Now, follow these instructions:

Try again what caused the error, e.g. creating a new invoice.

Now get the content of the log files:

  • Open the folder /application/logs/ , open the log file and copy the whole content.
  • Take a look at your web servers error logs.
  • Open the console of your browser (Tutorial), the error may be logged there.

Save the content of the log files and the output of the browser console to a service like Pastebin.com and post this link with a meaningful description to the support category.

You will get further help then.

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