Move FAQ to InvoicePlane forum

Yesterday, I wanted to contribute a FAQ about how to install extra fonts in IP1, but I found that improving it is not as simple & straightforward as it could be: forking, downloading, editing, submitting a pull-request… :tired_face:

So today I searched for alternatives, but I liked none. Then I wondered how Discourse guys had solved that question, and found that they have a FAQ category in the forum site

(actually, it is a subcategory of the howto category, but that’s irrelevant here).

The more I think, the more I am convinced that this is the right answer:

  • FAQ are questions, and questions are asked in this community forum.
  • Users come to the forum site in search for answers, so placing curated answers here seems logical.
  • While writing a question, Discourse suggest possibly related topics, a feature that may point users to an answer even before posting the question.
  • Topics with useful questions and answers could be easily converted into a FAQ topic with little effort: copy & paste the relevant sections with an optional link to the originating topic.
  • Referring a user to a FAQ topic would be as simple as writing “Read this:” and then pasting the topic url in the reply message, and it could be done by any community member.

But I may be biased, so what do you think?

Would be an excellent idea! I will take a look at this. :+1:

That’s an alternative way, with a single page of questions and answers,

but I prefer the faq category option with a single question and answer per topic.

And then, if the number of topics grows up, we could create a (meta?)topic like “FAQ about that subject” with a list of links to the individual topics.

I just created the category, added the tutorials section as a child category and we are good to go.
It totally makes sense to move the content from the wiki into the forums.

FAQ entries will be wiki entries be default which means that most of the users can edit the entry like a wikipedia article.

If there are a lot of similar entries for one topic we can group them together using tags.

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It’s amazing, maybe the idea was good, but your implementation is amazing!