Monetary Rewards for Development and Testing

Hello Community,

I do not have much time as I still have a lot of things to do with my bachelor thesis and other private stuff. Therefore the last releases are pretty old already and I couldn’t find the time to push a new release.

One thing that takes a lot of time is testing bug fixes and new features from other developers. You can help me with that.

To make this a little bit more interesting for all kinds of people, you may get monetary rewards for testing new features or bug fixes or the development itself. :moneybag:

Funding of the Issues

To make this possible, we are using Issuehunt. You can check our profile here. Rewards may be paid using PayPal so make sure that you have at least an account for it. Also, you need a valid Github account.

Please notice that the funding of an issue on Issuehunt does not equal your specific reward! Funding may be split between contributors.

How it works

Selected issues will be funded individually. There are no general testing rewards available.
How to apply for the rewards:

  1. Choose an issue you would like to test.
  2. Leave a comment on the issue on Github.
  3. Wait for confirmation from me (Github profile). I will set the reward and give more information on how to test.
  4. Start testing and leave a comment with valid screenshots of the testing and the fix/feature on Github.
  5. If the testing was confirmed, you will be paid the agreed reward.

Current available Rewards

:warning: These amounts are only approximate amounts as they include the fee for Issuehunt. You may get a little bit less.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support!