Item Discount Feature Missing from v2.0.0 Alpha 1

I’m not certain if this should be a development discussion or a feature request, but it appears that the item discount input field is now gone and is now invoice-related. Is this the desired functionality going forward? I have specific items that I discount for my clients and if there is no discount field for the item, I’ll have to add another item with a manual negative amount added and just wanted to ask to see if that was the plan going forward.

Please do not consider v2.0.0 Alpha to have all features.
It is a completely different application that just looks alot like InvoicePlane. We are in the process of migrating all features that are present at the moment into the new version.
Please wait for a later version.

Oh definitely, not a problem. I was just wondering. That’s why I asked. I’ll keep an eye out for new builds and test them.