Mailing quotes, invoices & overdue: also send to BCC

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I’d like to send all mails of invoiceplane to my CRM system. If I could add a default BCC address somewhere in the system options, that would be great!

Now, in the meanwhile, which files do I have to change to add a BCC field? (new, recurring, also overdue, etc…)


Also I’m interested to have an ADMIN EMAIL, where to receive copies of invoices and quotes created for customers.



I thought you could set a BCC email in the Email template setup?


At the moment you could add the BCC manually in all email templates (in but we will add a global BCC soon.


That’s great, exactly what I need for now. A global option later will make things easier. Thanks!


One more somewhat unrelated question; does invoiceplane automatically mail invoices that are overdue? Where can I configure this? Never used this before but I’m planning to do so in the near future.


No but I think I already added this as a feature request.


Okay nice - something for the 2nd version or sooner?

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