Total number of invoices

Is it possible to add the total number of invoices generated? Also the number of invoices generated per user.
Add a small example image.

Thank you!

I am working on improving the overview tables, but this feature is planned for v1.6

Once it is working, it should be easy to adapt it to display the same table for a single client in Clients/View Clients, either in the Details tab or in a separate tab.

Perfect. But, now opened some kind of code to tell me the invoices total?

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re asking for, which is the “invoices total” you want to know?

Hola Miquel.

Mi ingles es bastante malo. a lo que me refiero es saber el total de facturas u ofertas totales que llevo generadas, descontando claro esta las eliminadas. Al entrar en todas las facturas, me gustarĂ­a ver el total como en la imagen del primer post muestro.


(Ésta es la respuesta en inglés, la respuesta en castellano la encontrás aquí)

As of now that information is not shown in InvicePlane, and the only way to get the total number of invoices of each type is through the option “Invoices → View Invoices”. Click the button of the type of invoice (all, submitted, etc.) you are interested in, and then click the button


to go to the last page. The number of invoices of that type is shown at the end of the URL, for instance,


Using this same approach you can consult too the number of quotes, clients, etc.

I will open an issue in the developers portal to implement that enhancement in a future version.

New issue created:

Display the total number of each invoice/quote/client type

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