Problems installing version2 Alpha

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to installing version 2 Alpha of Invoice Plane, but during the DB installing process i got the following error

SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name 'old_invoice_template' (SQL: ALTER TABLE clients CHANGE invoice_template old_invoice_template VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL)

So, i deleted manually the column “old_invoice_template” and the process continued, but then it asked me for other 2 or 3 fields more that were duplicated. this stay in a loop of errors of the same type. and the installation doesn’t finish succesfully

Php versión : 7.1
required modules: loaded
Server: apache2
S.O: Windows 10

I wondering if some of you could help me to solve this.
Best regards.

I would recommend using a completely new database or wipe the existing one. Setup is running fine on my side and duplicate column errors usually occur if you run the setup twice or something like that.

Ok, thanks for the reply i will try again