Column to add a Specific Field that shows up in Invoice & PDF too

I am looking forward to add a new column to invoice. I am from India & we have a HSN Code for each product we sell which further identifies the tax rates for it through HSN Code. Here I don’t want that code to identify tax rate, just want that it shows up a new field of HSN code in each row, can you guide me the proper way. @Kovah

I solved the issue myself. Thanks @Kovah :grinning: . Would like to add my code to Github so that others who face the same issue can useit. Can I do that @Kovah. I hope that in it there will be no licensing issues right?

Sure, no problem.
Please post the link here then. :slight_smile:

I am also looking for same and willing to display both parties GST no too on invoice. Please help.

Was searching for that, too, as well as adding a column to the “Clients” table in admin view, like DOB (I’d like to quickly being able to sort this month’s birthday kids so I can send them my BD wishes with a little thank you present). Always good to stay in touch with your clients on their special days.
Any link to this add-on/change?

Does the custom field feature not work for you?

So far no. Perhaps I haven’t discovered that specific function, yet.

To make sure we talk the same;
Sure I can create a custom field and the custom field shows in User, but not on the “Clients” table.

What I’d like to achieve is being able to have the DOB field show on the clients table and if possible, having a sorting option like [a] birthdays within 7 days, [2] birthdays within 30 days - just like with “Active” and “Inactive”.
That would be great.
I can run a weekly SQL to pull all birthdays for this week, but this is a tedious task and having that in admin, would be big time saving.

When setting up a custom field, I get 5 options; Clients, payment, quote, invoice and user.

It shows on Usr, if I choose so, but if I choose Client, I can’t see it on that table
(I presume it is meant to be the same table I mentioned before?)

Am I missing something?