The invoice does not change the status sent when the email is sent


I have version 1.5.9 of InvoicePlane, I have PHP 7.2.8 and MySQL 5.6 configured.

When you send an invoice or quote by email, it does not change your status. Before if I did, before if I changed. The email is sent correctly.

Any idea why the state does not change now?

Thank you.


in IP/index.php/settings > invoice you’ve got a field “Notify invoices “sent” after generating the PDF”.
Is it “yes” ?


That option has always been disabled (No), and before it worked.

It should be “yes” to change the status on “send” when the mail is send :-/

Not working!

Could you send us the last error log ?

What is your version of IP ?

Last version 1.5.9

Could you send us the last error log ?

The email is sent correctly, everything works without problems when sending the email with the attached pdf. But the state does not change, only that.

How do I get a log file without an error?

there is an error if the invoice remains in draft when it is sent …
can we have a screenshot of the invoice parameters?

It also happens with the quotes.

sorry, without any details like screenshots, or logs, it’s almost impossible for me to understand where the worry comes from … can you or not sent a screenshot of the invoice settings and quote in the settings section? if you can not, explain why and it does not matter, I will no longer try to understand your concern … and I will let other people ask I think the same information to understand your problem …

This is my configuration for the invoices.

Not sure if it may be related to this setting (and then it would be a bug), but what’s your current setting for


Could you enter “true” to the ipconfig.php on FTP

#Having problems? Enable debug by changing the value to ‘true’ to enable advanced logging

And do a draft and send to test the status change or not, and if it’s go to the log :
on FTP IP folder > application > log and copy/paste the approxymatly time of the test here


Good luck