Spinning Cog/Wheel when Saving Quote? Here is one cause

Today I got stuck doing a quote because when i would click the save button the spinning wheel or cog would come up and get stuck every time.

I ended up working out that it was doing this because the Quote Number was the same as another Quote I have done. For some reason, when I did the previous quote, it didn’t increment the quote number in the format I want. it just had “200” as the quote number. On the previous quote I had just changed the quote number to be the next invoice number as per the formatted numbering.

I guess the internal value of the quote numbers doesn’t like this, so the current quote gets the same Quote number as the previous (the one I manually altered).

The fix.work around was to alter the previous quote’s Quote #. I just put -2 on the end of it and the current quote now can be saved.

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